Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Easily Influenced.. na!

"hear me on the radio, think I could not be blacker,
but on my video, you see I'm really a cracker,
pretending I was a rasta since I was in jammies"

For some reason, (i forget why) i was singing informer with my sister, and i only found out he was white not only that AND Canadian?!

You learn something new everyday.

anyways, there's a lot that brings me joy, music, the xbox, the internets and of course food..

Can't cook for shit, but if you give me a recipe hey.. i do a pretty good job.

recently.. American pancakes sandwich with eggs and bacon..

i thank god i don't live in america.. my calorie intake would be off the charts.

Try it out, if you're bored.. i js did it 'cause i had no idea what to eat for breakfast...

and Rob Heppler's picture just encouraged me to do it.


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