Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Murder on the bus lane..

"Pigeon caught slippin' " was the alternative title..

anywho, one of my fav. groups and undoubtedly one of the most underrated groups in hip-hop Beastie Boys

Grinds my gears, anytime i mention Beastie Boys 99.99999% of the time i will get laughed at or get the "wtf" look.. kinda looks like this:

Personally I'll take B.Boys over The Roots

-the energy,
-the beats,
-lyrically more fun ..

i could go on and Beastie's soulful ish aint too shabby either.

"fight for your right" is okay but it's all about Intergalactic for me.. has a special place in my heart..

-First song i ever downloaded illegally

back when limewire was riddled with porn [:)] and viruses [:(]

[side bar: you heard about that b.s plan the government want to introduce. cutting the internet for those bastards that illegally download.
LAWLZ at the idea that the ISP will send you an email warning you to stop illegally downloading, good lucking getting my email]

Still aint heard the new instrumental album, but as soon as i see it in the record store.. COPPED.

Best of.. [just a really short best of..]

stupidly sick (c) Semtex peformance of Ch-Ch-Ch- Check it out!!

kanYe's cameo is stupendous..

a blog over at hypebeast posted a bunch of live albums from the mighty trio.. so thats me sorted for the week.


-watching lily allens tv show on bbc 3.. atm 7 min into the show and it's what you expect... shame, why producers think youtube x tv = Good TV.. it doesn't.. fails so badly.

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