Sunday, November 11, 2007

"He Spits Hot Fiya"


Without Ridley Scott the album wouldn't exist so first and foremost..thank you Mr.Scott


Hip-Hop Album of the year

Can't see how anyone can top this, every track unskippable & i was skeptical when i heard Diddy & his crew were co-producing the album but it turned out for the best..
I mean on paper it sounds like a flop..

- Diddy & The Hitmen producing half of the album
- No kanYe beats
- Album after the "flop" Kingdom Come

That's the last time I judge an album before it's released... and apparently he's making a video for each track on the album but that isn't always a good thing.. if they are like "Roc Boys" though.. atm my least fav.tracks "Sweet" part from that.. album is sick from Pray to Fallin'.

i'll buy the dvd, if he releases a "Streets is Watching" thing.


I've got lil ideas for this little blog of mine [I'm gonna let it shine??]

I am thinking of doing an feature.. weekly/montly.. whatever seems the best..

When i get off my toned-arse i'll start to edit some ish together.. probably..

Bed NOW.. new ish coming on the blog.... For the moment watch this video.. badly-edited by moi.. ofthe Halo 3 Launch event at Imax... ENJOY?!


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