Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's been 6 months.. 3 days & 23 hours

since i've been in rehab.. today i finally quit..

Krispy Kremes the legal crack on the mean London streets.. **drools** whilst typing i am eating an apple crumble donut.. with a lil bit of custard in there.

Today, i had to go to a industrial tribunal place in Holborn for college. [i am all for trips near my college.. last time i had to go to a bakery in Mill Hill..]

It was SURPRISINGLY not boring, although some of my class mates disagreed..

I found it interesting 'cause the case we sat in was about a woman that had a blog & "leaked" information about Odeon & she basically said Odeon is a shit-hole to work in and whilst doing that threw some insults to the managers at the branch.

" i hope they all grow warts on their ass"

now if that's not the worst/driest/most uninsulting comment ever... and she got dismissed cause of that after working there for 12 years..

i'll be damned if that ever to me.. 'cause of a cheapo, non-money generating site. Fuck that.


More Jay-Z talk.. you know hip-hop is BIG when you can say
regardless whether Elvis hasn't released an album in 2-3 years?!
No other person has come close to doing what Jay-Z has done.. of course no artist in the next 2000 years is going to be beating the Beatles record.. so Congrats to the big homie.


Looks like i won't be in the U.K to cop "The Cool".. new info has been released about the concept album. and it's characters.

Can you imagine.. if this album is a classic.. and N*E*R*D's new album goes back to basis
[Lord Willin']
the CRS album will be _______________ [indescrible]

"The Streets
Born: Conceived thousands of years ago, when the first paths and roads were paved.
Birthplace: Unknown

Biography: A temptress like none other, The Streets possesses an uncanny knack for seduction and betrayal. An equal opportunity heartbreaker, she exudes an allure irresistible to both men and women. Some have accused her of pedophilia, having lured people into her tangled web at ages as immature as eight years old. The word “love” isn’t in her vocabulary –although The Game is her admitted soulmate. Yet, The Streets has always felt a peculiarly strong connection with Michael Young History."

Just watch this "freestyle"at the B.E.T awards to get a taster of what Lupe is going to release.


'till next time..

*drools* Peace

P.S- I had no place for this.. but Assasin's Creed is out tomorrow.. i got the dreaded red slip for Royal Mail. was suppose to get it today
If it sucks.. you'll see a post about it in a day..


Cath. said...

Is it a bad thing that I have never eaten krispy Kremes?

kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

All i gotta say is:

before you die.. try it.