Friday, November 23, 2007

Stadium Status

I just want to say, the bad things about the concert.. weren't a lot of bad things, and i guess it's inevitable havent been to many many concerts like this..

1. Why sit down in a concert.. espicially this concert that could have been cancelled.. easily.

2. smh at people sitting down when Common was on.

Apart from that the concert was sick, Estelle got me to check out her new album, some of the songs didn't sound too bad, there were some sound issues so it didn't sound the best.

Common was sick, played the bangers.. sadly not "Start the show" or "Southside" which would have got the crowd hyped for the main act. His freestyle was nice, he was basically just naming random places in London.. still.

Props to the random guys at the top trying to start a mexican wave, it eventually worked just before kanYe was on. I was surprised people were bothered to get off their seat.
[i tried to start a kanye chant so many times]

Getting ready for kanyezzy

kanYe peformace was something else, the set was sick, everyone A-Trak, Tony Williams, Joy Star everyone was good.. there was even a random part where kanYe was about to duel with a robot with a light-saber.. whilst "Drunk n Hot Girls" was playing.. didn't get that part.

Surprised how much non-hip-hop fans were there, i didn't realise how mainstream kanye was, I saw some middle-aged guys/gals behind me chatting about how you pronounce 2-pac.. and one girl said "2 poc, 2pac.. six pac" and LAUGHED.. smh.

Not like these wasteman hindered my experience, i hope he plays smaller venues when he returns.. Hammersmith would have been great. It would be difficult to get tickets, but would be worth it.

The rumors about Jay-Z being there didn't fuck the concert up [for me anyway], a lot of people were talking about it though. kanYe was enough, if Jay was there and played "Roc Boys" it would be too good to be real.

Highlights of the show..

-Seeing Kano drunk after the show & blanking anyone girls asking for a pic
-Half of my row leaving after a few songs. tsk tsk
-A crazy-guy a few rows down dancing like he was at a Daft-Punk show.


Next year i just want to see Lupe & Jay-Z, missed Lupe's performance at Scala last year, looked sick though had Sway performing "We Love You".. hope i don't miss it when he's back.. and Jay-Z he has to tour again but i hope he does what he did in the U.S .. a few smaller venues then later on bigger venues..

looks too good to miss.

Nandos is the shit..

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