Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's time..

What up '09

the amount of fucked face expressions i've made holding a strongbow can,
i could fill a whole facebook album... smh...
props to the random old people that join house parties.. .

i arrived late and somehow that celebrations box STILL didn't get moved to.. appaling
you'll be pleased to know i took half of it home.

i'm that funny..

it was inevitable.. glad it wasn't me.

Big Girl x Small Toy = HUGE fun..

The New Years..
First Pics of '09..

So far spent the day trying to fill the belly with some Cheap Chinese buffet seem to work well..

Watched "The Spirit" for an absurd price, the review on WNL now..

mondAr thoughts
damn, was it inevitable that i would loss
something on new years.. i miss my wallet!!

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