Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Revenge Of The..

Billy Ocean > M.J
word to Tonya

back at uni and my room is in a lovely mess.. made only worse by me bringing more shit into it..

I later hear that, the kitchen was absolutely smashed by the rival halls [which live literally right next to us] so not only did the kitchen get egged before Christmas

but got done on nye..too..
i think we all know what must be done.. kill them all.. or the best alternative.. haven't really thought about it..best suggestion i've heard so far is fire... since we started we gotta end it..


mondar thoughts
damn now i cant find a plate..


Mikey McFly™ said...

Explain to me... how is Billy Ocean better than Michael? Thriller Era Mike was untouchable

Mr.Londoner said...

joking of course...

in "Everybody Hates Chris", tonya thinks Billy Ocean > M.J

everyone knows M.J > _______

GK said...

i like billy.

but yeah, just go to their halls and fuck them up. Seriously, anybody done tjhat to me i would put there face through a window. fuck eggs.

peace and love.