Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thanks Guys/Girl

Google Analytics is a bit addictive, before i was content with a simple stat counter , but then i upgraded and got all these numbers/graphs/ the best feature on it as to be the Map Overlay, that shows where all you people are from [no stalker]

United Kingdom /United States

Canada / Germany

Netherlands / France

Ireland / United Arab Emirates

Australia / Sweden

South Africa / Belgium

Brazil / Japan

Serbia /Spain

Italy / Poland

Romania / Switzerland

Portugal / Denmark

Czech Republic /Finland

Kuwait /New Zealand

Mexico / Norway

Austria / Philippines

Hungary / Argentina

Egypt / Pakistan

India / Hong Kong

Morocco / Bahrain

Malaysia / Ghana [brap]

Venezuela / Monaco

Taiwan / Russia

Chile / Latvia

Slovakia / Macedonia

Singapore / Thailand

Slovenia / Estonia

China / Croatia

Aruba / Bulgaria

Jamaica / Kenya

Iceland / Turkey / Israel

Props to all you people from these countries that visted the blog last year, same again in '09?!


mondAr thoughts
Grandma Boy is a suprisingly funny movie..
gotta love those american pie-type movies


Mikey McFly™ said...

U know I'll be back on here... this is a dope site

Mr.Londoner said...

the love from overseas is always appreciated McFly..

Go Hard Brosif #1