Saturday, September 6, 2008

You're forgiven semtex...

no reason...

Eventhough the stupidly sick DJ Semtex DIDN'T play "Love Lockdown", he did kinda make up for it by playing lots of 'Ye during the show and today apparently going to have a G.O.O.D music mix which will prally be fire.

I was going to watch the VMA's 'cause Russel Brand is hosting.. [siderbar: yes he's funny... if you think otherwise "fuck you and your fat mother"] but now i gotta make an appointment to watch it..

'Ye once again somehow having "World Premiere's" in this day in age

I bet the vocoder makes an appearance on the new track & lord willin' we hear some strings before i start rambling..

Edit: Props to kanyelive.. Footage of a new kanYe track called Heartless.. skip to the 5min mark to hear it


mondaR thoughts
semtex yesterday made it sound like it's going to be another classic.. damn
4 good albums in a row?! i don't see him doing more than 5 though and thats coming from a kanYe stan.

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