Monday, September 8, 2008

"With so many different flows.."

".. this ones for this song"

I mean, what did you expect?!

When Lupe lost his father and other family members we got "The Cool" clearly wayy darker than F & L

Personally, i don't mind THIS track it's not like every track on the album is gonna be like this, people forget that the first track we heard from "Graduation" was "Can't Tell Me Nothing"

It reminds me of "Family Business" , "Roses" even "Goodnight" on his last album, he's got tracks like this on every album, i admit these tracks are my less favourite tracks but people gone crazy writing off the album already..

tsk tsk.. bet the naysayers will be jamming to this in a months time...

Edit: Told ya doods & doodette, Vocoder will be on the 4th album..its the way things gotta be

mondAr thoughts
the audience at VMAS clearly were on some sleeping pills.. so quiet.
americans probably hate change, could explain why bush was at the white house for so long

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