Friday, March 21, 2008

Thank You and Your Welcome

Over the past week been listening to (IMO) one of the best American Gangster remixes about..
Yeah the one with marvin aint bad, and hell the one with Franky was interesting but this one.. a bit special.
Click pic for download

Nothing but dopeness please believe it.

  • 'Party Life' but in techno mode
  • A faux version of 'Ye's 'Big Brother'
  • A remix of 'Roc Boys' that doesn't feature any live instruments.. [shock!]

Has to be said, Dangermouse unleashed a beast with the grey album, every guy with a computer probably released a remix album.. saying that i'll be releasing mine soon.

[insert funny photoshop here]

Jay-Z x Soulja Boy= American Pimpstar.. get it.. ha ha..

[just me then?]


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Anonymous said...

If you can try and find a one by a producer called Beruit called Beruit Gangster, its dope!!