Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I start early..

We're in the middle of August 2009 and that [no homo]/pause business is still going strong

So here i go with the..
Top.5 most homo things you can do/talk about in the hip-hop world..[so far]

*drum roll*

Now i've been known to have some stannery yeezy moments in my lifetime but if you visit this site on the regular and you're not a girl.. consider this..

4. Following the following on twitter:
[NOT following] @PausePolice
Notable mentions: PerezHilton/Jonas Brothers/Stephen Marbury

3. Wearing these....

nuff said..

2. Watching this for more than 10secs

1. Discussing Drake's Hand movements

I've been known to do discuss this a few times on the internets and in real life but this is mainly due to his hand movements being greatly homoerotic and immensely funny.
It must be said he should consider getting new mannerisms, maybe a nice jig of some sort like Purpbag P


mondar thoughts
let me get my blogg onnn


Anonymous said...

I agree with all of them except the air yeezys. they not THAT bad

Mr.Londoner said...

yeah they're not.. i'm just a lil' jealous i didn't get them..

Refer to:www.whoresneverlearn.com/.../air-yeezys-london-campout.html

Anonymous said...

haha. I want them but resell prices are ridiculous