Thursday, May 7, 2009

Asher Roth @ Tabernacle- First U.K Show..

It's been a while eh?
Exams over and First year of uni.. DONE.. so i celebrated by going to the Asher Roth gig
"DO SOMETHING CRAZY" and i did..

Asher Roth Tabernacle Tkts

Firstly.. Tabernacle is a weird but very noice venue, it's prally a renovated church or suthing..

This gig didn't get promoted nadda.. No adverts/No Press nuffing.. and still sold quite well.. Internets is amazing like that..
would have been sold-out if it had a bit of press though

90% of the ppl were there to see this..

the rest was prally filler to them...

I'll leave the review to the homie Speakz..
Pinboard Review: Asher Roth @ Tabernacle
my fanboy ramblings won't make sense at 2:30 3:30 in the night..
[blogs take long to write ]
[pics take long to upload]

The crowd..
more will come... hopefully
.. more arrived..

"the EXPLOSIVE one" semtex
enough of the talking.. here the pics:
Semtex holding it down..

"Jesus Walks" into "Ballin'
who does that.. reasons why hes dope..

DJ Wreckonize
Asher's DJ.. Wreckonize.. DJ Wrecknoize

and Asher's sidekick.. Brain Bainley!
Brain Bangley!!!

and of course.. Asher Paul Roooth

The doods


"thats my sidekick"

"Can't hear ya"

Asher's song about Good Health. [i also thought it was a joke]
pissed cause my HD camera was recording in low quality = BOOOO!

the crowd..

Would say a mixture of regular white doods/fangirls/hipsters/and a few hip-hop peeps

"i spit when i rhyme.. i rhyme when i spit"


Goodbye hug??
Hug? [none]

wish it was a bit longer, should have slipped a bunch of mixtape tracks..

Headed over to YoYo.. didn't stay long though.. met Asher.. got props for the stage invading :D
Mr.Hudson was also in attendance and this dood..

a-trak x me


he's up in LDN for a bit.. he's got a show tomorrow at The Arches

should be dope... shame will have to miss it though

Couple more pics over at the flickr and some randoms..


mondar thoughts
met about mmm.. 5 ppl on my twitter account..
making a grand total of ppl i've met from twitter and seen in real life


Anonymous said...

Mr Londoner
you legend!!
saw the stage invasion on tropical tv...haha it was claaasic..
wish i was at that gig..asleep in the bread aisle is an epic album...(best track..fallin..)
what dya do at unnni? if you dont mind me asking that is!
i lovvvve the video of you and gk doing 'amazing' i actually think its better then the original,

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