Sunday, March 8, 2009

'twas a good weekend..


wow.. good shit and all but next time i'm just buying a burger in Ed's

Doing some Tropical stuff with the boys [no homo just in case]

GOTTA thanks Harry for this one.. got a noice stash of records.. half are classics..
been listening since i got back to uni..
Met Fats as well [unplanned] i bow to that man.. 'yall should be as well.. he took a couple of pics of course..

Arsenal V Burnley

"who are yaa!"

He's back bitches...and still kickin ass


mondar thoughts
whooo... good show soon


JP said...

See you were rockin' the Timtops on Saturday, good look man, I need those on my feet!

Mr.Londoner said...

yeah they're a lot..

only Supra's i really like, that and the gold ones..

JP said...

Got the White ones but was let down a bit cos the leather is a bit cremey so the laces don't look so good during the day. Also got the black and red TUFs, my fabourites until the timmys came out....