Saturday, March 14, 2009

Q-Tip @ Roundhouse


I thought kanYe was energetic on stage, this dood is what 30-something and killin' it this much.. would have loved to see him in '89..

dope.. dorian concept

Once again at Roundhouse there was a DJ's on for a long-period of time, luckily this time it was Semtex and this kid called Dorian Concept with some dope beats.. check him out..

i couldn't get a good pic of him nor Semtex, Semtex killed it though just playing straight-golden era hip-hop..
Some Wu and NaS.. guaranteed to get this kinda crowd hyppped..

The Crowd..
i'm sure me & my friend were the only doods under 20 at that gig..

Mr.Gilles Peterson comes on stage again to announce Q-Tip back to a LDN stage, it's been a zillion years [slight exaggeration]
a looong wait well worth it though, had more energy than Busta and Busta is crazy..

I'll let the pics do some talking...


The band was above awesome...
q-tip x band


Fist in the airr
fist in the airr..



dope kicks..

the kicks..

he did some crazy shit, climbing onto the speakers [thought he was gonna jump a one point]
the energy..
literally going into the crowd for the encore.."Life is Better" the homie Speakz got some dope pics of that
[damn his luck]
crowd interaction

the end..


mondar thoughts
cudi's next..


Manish said...

I was there too, amazing concert! Best hip hop gig i've ever been to. Amazing photographs!

Mr.Londoner said...


Great gig, gonna be hard to beat.. never know if Big Daddy Kane tours the U.K, might be the same level of greatness..

Matilda Egere-Cooper said...

yep - show was off BRILLIANT :-) (and I don't know where you snapped from, but you managed to get me in your crowd shot lol )

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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