Friday, December 19, 2008


I hardly make food posts, but who dosen't like getting hungry [most likely disgusted] by pics of food on the internets??

i didn't visit this store for a year or something crazy like that, and somehow i still spend absurds amounts of money entering the store..

Whilst having insightful conversations about the great poet Eli and discussing how dumb it would be to make a d.i.y krispy kreme burger..

i had a need to try something which was unnecessarily fatty.. unfortunately a "friend" recommended a mars bar in batter..

Verdict= :(
what really fucked me up was
smell of fish x chocolate..

so since that didn't satisfy, golden arches will have to suffice..

currently blogging this on a toilet..


monDar thoughts
"if you need to wait for some arbitrary day
that marks a new 365 day period on the Gregorian Calendar
to make a resolution you lost @ life"

well said.eskay.

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