Monday, December 22, 2008

messing around with Obamafy..

we all got a bit of obama in us.. [none]

You need some a ridiculous amount of light to get any good pics with this Photo Booth plug-in, i need to try it outside


mondAr thoughts
i need to find a good korean restaurant
gotta taste some dog.. i kid


Dubi Kaufmann said...

you don't need ridiculous amounts of light. You can adjust the brightness by clicking and dragging the mouse across the the screen in photo booth.

Mr.Londoner said...

kool, didn't you create this plug-in i read that on your site, and still dosen't work..

can think of what am doing wrong

Dubi Kaufmann said...

yes, I made it.
just be sure, download the latest version. the part where you hold down the mouse and drag from left to right works when you have the obamafy filter on and before you take the photo. hope it works.

Mr.Londoner said...

ahh yess, had the old version..

thanks for the help.