Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Podcasts murked the radio wastemen

Courtesy of New New Media

This is indeed a sad day, We have lost something so great, I think sharing my grief would help ease the pain

I am sure the Radio has meant something to you sometime in your life, to me it was the bringer of laughter, good music, and ever so often some thoughtful shit. I remember when I use to look forward to listening to radio 'cause that was where the best ish was, where I hear stuff that wasn't on TV , prank phone calls being my favourite & back at my naive age I thought nothing could beat the radio: Accessible, Huge variety and with entertaining presenters.

I DARE anyone to listen to someone play the YES & NO game on radio and not be on tenterhooks throughout

I remember my last real experience with the radio, Interviews with artists you actually cared about, actual freestyles and funny anecdotes. If only it was a joke, it's sad since it's younga DAB didn't have a chance to live a long fulfilling life.

Let’s just be thankful for all the special moments that the Radio has left us and with that, I hope that the memories will continue to live on within our minds till we are old and wither away.


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