Saturday, January 26, 2008

"we just sold out all the floor seats"

Tickets for Chris Rock's show is on sale at the 02.. for 2 nights only. It was for one night only but then the next day another date was added. Now that's DEMAND

Hell if i miss these shows, theres no hope for me
I heard he discusses t-pain's "music".

if its anything like when he talked about rap music, i can't wait.



Karrie B. said...

lmaooooo @ "smack her wit' a dick...put a dick in her ear..."

-karrie b.

Anonymous said...

No one needs to discuss T Pains music just watch his peroformance at the 2007 Hip Hop Honours and we dont need to say anymore!!lol

Check the blog son

Deanna said...

Good words.