Sunday, December 9, 2007

Your kidding! Right !?!

Why Sony?! Why? You design a console packed with technology no one needs for another 3-5 years, you price it stupidly high & release shitty games.. but i guess a robotic dog could make it all better. It worked the last time you released "the dog of the future."

"The dog will be fully controllable using a PSP via WiFi. The dog's head camera will send a real world vid feed to the PSP's screen as well. The Dpad will control walking movement and the four main buttons will deal with head movement."

Is the world ready for a robotic dog (again)



iN other gaming news.. new GTA trailer is out.. looks spectacular, i may just play the game for the storyline this time. Rockstar [as always] being innovative, a Polish guy as the main character! Bravo.
Roll on 2008, gonna be selling virtual dvds & cigarettes like a don.



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